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Fashionata : Dating Photographs Through Fashion

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I wrote some time ago about how you could use photographs to help with your family history research. While I’m sure you enjoyed this, i though some hints and tips on websites which can help this process would be appreciated!! This is my Top Five sites which you can use to date your photographs through fashion, enjoy!

1. Fashion History 

A really useful gateway site for lots of links about fashion, all neatly placed in subject areas. The site can be a bit hit and miss as it was last updated in July 2010, but it does have lots of info!


2 . Wikepedia – History of Western Fashion

Another useful site, with lots of useful images in date order. However you must remember Wikipedia is updated by inviduals so may not be accurate. However it is a good starting point for your research!

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 09.12.49

3. Fashion-Era

Don’t let the dated look of this site fool you, it’s packed fool of information for the budding genealogist! It even has a costume detective page which specifically shows you how to date photos through hairstyles, dress and more!

fashion era

4. V&A Dating Old Photographs

The Victoria and Albert museum is one of my favorite places to spend time, and with this site they have provided me with endless support when dating photographs. Have a look and i’m sure you will agree it is very well laid out with lots of useful tips.


5. Museum of Bath

Has lots of great content, i’m sure you will find it useful, the collection search is particularly helpful.

Bath fashion museum

there are of course many different sites and books which you can use, this is just a small fraction of what is avalible. I hope this has given you a taster of what is out there helps your genealogy quest, and if you need more help please contact me and I will see what I can do!

Author: creageneolgy

I am a former History Graduate who has a passion for genealogy and the research this entails. Along with my BA History I also have a MA Historical Archaeology. I live in Bristol with my husband, baby boy and two cats. Please feel free to use the free info provided and if you wish, i also offer a number of research services which are invaluable for those who love family history but do not have the time to do their own!

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