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All Aboard; Finding Ancestors on Passengers Lists

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The saying ‘isn’t the world a small place’ is certainly not true when trying to find ancestors who emigrated or worked oversea. Thankfully in this age of on-line media and digitisation, the task has been made a little easier. With the recent addition of UK Outward Passenger Lists on Ancestry UK, along with the UK Incoming Passengers Lists 1878-1960 and the Alien Arrivals list 1810-1811, 1826-1869 this arduous task has become easier. Here are my favourite sites to use, but there are non-digitised sources which can be used, for instance The National Archives¬† and the National Archives Australia.

1. Ancestry UK Immigration and Travel – Subscription

immigration and travel

2. Find My Past UK Travel and Migration Records – Subscription


3. The Ship List – Free

Ship List

4. Scottish Historical Records – Free


I hope this helps, but if you need professional assistant tracing your ancestor, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Author: creageneolgy

I am a former History Graduate who has a passion for genealogy and the research this entails. Along with my BA History I also have a MA Historical Archaeology. I live in Bristol with my husband, baby boy and two cats. Please feel free to use the free info provided and if you wish, i also offer a number of research services which are invaluable for those who love family history but do not have the time to do their own!

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